History: Sturm, Ruger & Co. introduced the model 10/22 Magnum in 1999 and produced it for only 8 years when it was discontinued in 2006.  This 22 Magnum semi-auto carbine featured a steel receiver with integral scope mounting bases, a longer and heavier bolt, 18 1/2" barrel with standard sights, and an uncheckered Birch stock.  This rifle has become quite collectible almost immediately after it was discontinued and prices continue to increase every year since.

Ruger Model 10/22 Magnum Semi-Auto (22 Magnum) Rimfire Rifle Parts

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Stock Assembly - Hard Wood - Sporter - Complete - Original

Stock Assembly - Hard Wood - Sporter - Complete - Original

This Ruger manufactured pistol grip hard wood (Birch)sporter style stock with checkered black synthe..

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Manufacturer: Ruger
Model: 10/22 - 22 Magnum