Winchester Model 40 Shotgun Parts

Winchester Model 40 Semi-Auto Shotguns:  (1940 - 1941)                    Click Here To See - Close Up Image of Right Side

History: The Winchester Repeating Arms Company introduced the model 40 shotgun in 1940 to fill the gap in the semi-auto shotgun market they created when they stopped production of their model 1911 self loading shotgun back in 1928. The model 40 was quickly recognized as a poor design and was discontinued in 1941 with approximately 12,000 pieces manufactured and many of them were recalled by the factory.

Winchester Model 40 Shotgun Parts

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Butt Plate Screw - Original

Butt Plate Screw - Original

This Winchester manufactured straight slot butt plate screw is for the model 40 semi-auto shotgun an..

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Manufacturer: Winchester
Model: 40