This Federal Cartridge Co. manufactured red, dark blue, white, and yellow cardboard box contains all 50 rounds of American Eagle high velocity 22 LR ammunition with brass cases and is in very good condition with light shelf wear and possibly a wrinkle. An old Walmart price sticker is stuck to the top of each box. This box displays 2 small black stripes that run from the top panel edge to the back edge of the box. There is a period after the word cartouches (50 CARTOUCHES.) on the top of the box. The bottom panel displays the copyright "© F.C.C. 1993". The brass casings may have a couple of small spots of tarnish present. (file photos)

Date of Manufacture: This style box was introduced in 1993 and was produced until 1995.

Note: This box is similar to the Huegel # FED-18 LR-4 variation. The differences observed are that this box displays a peroid after the word cartouches on the top panel and 2 small black stripes run from the top panel edge to the back edge of the box. The bottom of the box does not match Huegel's sample and the printing on this box is in black ink.

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