This Williams Gun Sight Company manufactured WGRS series ghost ring green fiber optic receiver sight is for the Remington model 581 bolt action rifles and is in as new condition overall. This sight mounts on the top of the receiver with its scope mounting groove and locks in place with a single small Allen hex binding screw.  (file photo)

Warning: We have noticed that grooved receivers are common on most rimfire rifles but they have quite a wide tolerance to them and in MOST cases are slightly wider than this sight's groove which will require some hand fitting of the WGRS-54 peep sight to fit the rifle's groove. This can be easily accomplished by hand filing the bottom section of the sight slightly to increase the width of the groove and when at the matching width of the rifles groove, you simply slide on the sight and tighten the binding screw when the sight is in your desired position.

Note: This is a CFnParts exclusive non-catalogued Williams Gun Sight Company manufactured receiver sight



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