Do you accept Paypal?

Because Paypal has taken a stance against the firearms industry, I have chosen not to accept Paypal and support their industry.

Why is my state not on the list when attempting to place an order?

Many states have added a new means of collecting revenue (sales tax) from their residents when they make purchases on line (businesses that reside in another state) known as Economic Nexus & Ecommerce. Because on line sales have and will continue to increase each year, new laws have been enacted (thanks to South Dakota) requiring all on line businesses even if they are from a state that does not have a sales tax (like us: New Hampshire) to collect sales tax for those states in which the order is being shipped to. This sales tax requirement is a huge burden (especially on small businesses like ours) forcing each on line business to register with every state that they are forced to collect sales tax for. In all fairness, each state can determine a threshold that must be meet before the on line business has to start collecting sales tax for them. Most, but not all states have set this threshold at $100,000.00 or 200 orders per year. As a small business, we will never meet the dollar amount threshold before the end of the year, but we will meet the 200 orders amount with a handful of states. Some states are realizing that the 200 orders amount is peanuts for revenue to their state and they are dropping the quantity of orders from their threshold, but this is a slow trend with only a couple states each year. Rather than spending thousands of dollars each year for the programs and fees required just to be able to collect sales tax from our customers, we chose to think out of the box and limit the number of sales per state based upon your states requirements. As your state drops the quantity of orders required, this problem will eventually go away. Our suggestion for the present time is to either move to a state that does not have a sales tax :) or have your order shipped to a friend or relative who resides in another state. We recommend that you have a solid relationship with them before sending your orders to their address. WE are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

What will it cost to ship my order?

The chart below will help you determine your shipping & handling charges. If the shipping address is outside of the United States, the s & h charges are higher due to the regulations that my country requires. I have chosen to not have an exporters license primarily because of the extremely high anual fee, thus I am working with a local exporter (Crying Eagle Imports) who ships packages for me to destinations outside of the United States. I deliver my foreign orders on a weekly basis to the exporter and deliveries usually take approximately 20 days. Your countries customs will sometimes delay delivery of a package and/or charge you a tarif.

We ship our domestic orders primarily through United Parcel Service (UPS) using Smart Post or Ground. We also tend to use USPS on a limited basis. The table below shows our basic shipping & handling charges to U.S. addresses and is based on your total purchase price. Please note that heavy items and/or large quantities ordered may be subject to additional shipping charges. Ammunition purchases also have an additional charge due to extra requirements and/or extra charges related to shipping requirements. Expedited shipping is not available on-line. To place an order using Next Day Air please contact us by phone at (603) 798-3580 or email us at scott@cfnparts.com for a specific s&h charge.

United States Shipping Rates                        

Your Order Total    S & H Charges         Your Order Total    S & H Charges         Your Order Total    S & H Charges               

$9.99 or less            $4.95                       $40.00-$74.99          $9.95                        $250.00-$399.99          $13.95          $10.00-$19.99           $6.50                      $75.00-$139.99         $10.95                      $400.00-$699.99          $15.95             

$20.00-$39.99           $7.95                      $140.00-$249.99        $12.95                      $700.00-$999.99          $16.95

$1000.00 or more:  Please Contact Us


Canadian Shipping Rates

Your Order Total    S & H Charges         Your Order Total    S & H Charges         Your Order Total    S & H Charges        

$39.99 or less          $25.50                      $40.00-$69.99         $32.00                      $70.00-$149.99       $37.75              

$150.00 or less        $47.00                                                                                                            

$500.01 or more: Please Contact Us


Australia & New Zealand Customers:

You are able to save yourself a significant amount of s&h charges by setting up a ship to address here in the United Staes with:

Oia Global - Bybee Warehouse      Address: 14601 N Bybee Lake Ct. Portland, OR 97203     Phone #: (503) 736-5928


All Other Countries Shipping Rates

Your Order Total    S & H Charges         Your Order Total    S & H Charges         Your Order Total    S & H Charges

$39.99 or less         $29.25                       $40.00-$69.99         $40.25                      $70.00-$99.99         $57.25        

$100.00 or more:  Please Contact Us


How long will it take before I receive my purchase?

We strive to ship all orders within 24 business hours with many orders shipped the same day the order is placed. Nearly all of our shipments go through the United States Post Office (USPS) by means of either First Class, Standard Post, and Priority Mail. Many deliveries in the United States will arrive within 3 to 7 days of the order being placed. However, some deliveries will take a bit longer as the Post Office will only guarantee delivery dates when items are shipped through their Express service which is significantly more expensive to use.


Do you ship to addresses outside of the United States?

We are working with a local exporter to ship merchandise to select countries outside of the United States. The exporter will ship via USPS Priority Mail and all items purchased must total less than $100.00 in U.S. currency (shipping & handling charges excluded) unless you are from Canada, as they have a $500.00 limit. If you desire to purchase a quantity of items that exceed the limit, we suggest purchasing some of the items one day and placing a second order on a different day. It is the purchasers full responsibility to determine his/her own countries laws and regulations as to the legal status of any item that you intend to purchase prior to placing an order with us. The s&h charges will be determined based on size and destination and will start at $33.50 for Canada and $44.50 elsewhere. Please email or call us with your list of intended purchases and the address they will be shipped to so that we can determine an accurate shipping & handling charge to your destination.

When will you be getting more of this item in?

Since most of the parts on our web site are original pieces that are no longer being produced by the factory, I am not able to determine when we will find more of them to replenish our inventory but we assure you that we are aggressively looking.  However, our web site does offer a "notify me when in stock" button which will contact you by email as soon as an "out of stock" item does become available again.


Can you recommend a qualified gunsmith?


Accurate Ordnance:               Address: 724 Patrick Industrial Lane Suite #100 Winder, Georgia 30680                                                                                      Contacts: Mark Kuczka                                  Phone: (678) 219-0096                                                                                    Website: www.accurateordnance.com               Email: mark@accurateordnance.com


C&R Firearms Ltd:              Address: 12185 Balls Ford Road Manassas, Virginia 20109                                                                                                       Contacts: Paul Hitchcock                                Phone: (571) 719-6183                                                            Website:                                                    Email: paul@candrfirearms.com


Cloverleaf Precision:          Address: 415 East Main Street Suite #6 Yukon, Oklahoma 73099                                                                                            Contacts: Jay Steagall                                   Phone: (405) 408-5515                                                                                Website:                                                    Email:

Cullity & Son:                     Conservation & Restoration of Antique Weapons

                                         Address: 209 Old County Road East Sandwich, Massachusetts 02537                                                                                        Contacts: Daniel Cullity & Ryan Cullity                Phone: (508) 888-1147
                                         Website:                                                     Email:             

Feland's Gunsmithing:        Address: 17102 Houston Drive Cypress, Texas 77433                                                                                                           Contacts: Larry Feland                                    Phone: (281) 373-0335                                                                                  Website: www.felandgunsmith.com                    Email: felandgunsmith@yahoo.com

Where else might I look to find this part?

Please check out the businesses listed below relating to firearm parts in whom we have personally or secondarily received positive dealings with/from and have chosen on our own accord to list them as businesses in whom you might consider supporting.


The Gun Garage – Guns & Gun Parts     P.O. Box 1091, Siloam Springs, Arkansas 72761      Contacts: Al Bolduc & Evan Bolduc      Phone: (479) 524-2038                            Website: www.gungaragegunparts.com                 Email: gungarage@gmail.com


Old Arms of Idaho                                4910 W. Denton Street, Boise, ID 83706               Contacts: Dylan Stocker

Phone: (208) 602-6027                            Website: oldarmsofidaho.com                              Email: info@oldarmsofidaho.com


Bigfoot Dark, Inc.                               P.O. Box 2004, Angel Fire, New Mexico 87710         Contacts: Al Guthridge                       Phone:  (505) 453-2561                          Website:                                                          Email: gunparts@1791.com