The History of Remington Arms Company

In circa 1816, Eliphalet Remington II started making barrels at his father's forge outside of Illion New York in order to supply the gun trade industry in the central New York region. In 1828, they moved to Illion and their business expanded considerably. In 1844, Philo Remington joined his father in the business and the name was changed to E. Remington & Son. It wasn't until they purchased gun making machinery from the Ames Company of Chicoppee, MA in 1848 when they actually started producing complete firearms. The first firearms produced involved taking over the uncompleted military contract from the Ames Company for Jenks breech loading percussion carbines for our Navy and shortly after that they took over a defaulted contract for U.S. Model 1841 percussion Mississippi rifles. In 1852, two more sons joined the business and the company name was changed slightly to reflect more than one son. Handguns were added to their line in 1857. Philo took over the company in 1861 when his father passed away and had control until 1886 when it had great financial problems. In 1888, Hartley and Graham took control of the company and by 1912 they thought it best to merged it with their first company changing the name to Remington-U.M.C. This lasted until the mid 1930's when it was reorganized and the new owners were the Dupont Corporation. This lasted for 60 years until 1993 when  an investment group by the name of Clayton, Dubilier & Rice purchased the company. Remington is known as being the oldest firearms manufacturing company in America and have produced quality firearms for nearly two centuries. Their wide variety of manufactured firearms over the years are sought after by hunters, competitive shooters and collectors all over the world.

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