Company History

Scott Marston – raised with firearms all of his life, he is both an avid hunter and loves the sport of shooting. He became interested in firearms during the early 1980's and started working full time for this industry in February of 1988. After receiving nearly twenty two years of experience, he started his own business in September of 2009 with the dream of having a mail order company which would provide obsolete parts, collectible firearms, and related merchandise to you with integrity, quality, and service, being the strengths of the business. The web site was initially created by his brother Gary, who had invested an overwhelming number of hours researching and designing the site.  This current site you are visiting is the third and latest version designed by Rock Solid Results with many of the original ideas incorporated into the new version as well as some improvements including a shopping cart, email notification system, and other less noticeable improvements.  We are pleased to provide our customers with a detailed and easy to use site containing one or more photos and a detailed description for every item listed. We focus primarily on original factory manufactured parts with minimal wear for obsolete firearms but also stock parts for modern firearms as well as a limited number of reproduction parts. Many ideas have been incorporated into our web site to assist the potential buyer in making an informed purchase such as schematics and factory part numbers (when available) which can be used as tools for identifying a specific part, their location in/on the firearm, and confirming that this is the particular part you need. Additionally, we include a condition for every item listed which can be read when clicking on the "more info" button. Our company will continue to strive at making changes that will improve customer service, ease of ordering, and ensure quality merchandise for you, our customers.