Lyman introduced the No. 42 Series Receiver Peep Sight circa 1907 and it featured a simple but elegant design with the optional turn down peep, interchangeable screw in eye cup, and large side locking lever.  This sight was offered for a wide variety of commercial rifles by Hopkins & Allen, Marlin, Remington, Savage, Stevens, and Winchester as well as some foreign military type rifles like the British War Office Martini 22 rifle, Japanese Arisaka, and the Swedish 1896 Mauser rifle.  Manufacturing of this model ended in 1964 with well over 50 years of production.  

No. 42 Receiver Peep Sight

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Receiver Peep Sight - for Savage Rifles - Original

Receiver Peep Sight - for Savage Rifles - Original

This Lyman manufactured No. 42 receiver peep sight is for the model 19 NRA, 23 series rimfire and ce..

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Manufacturer: Lyman
Model: 42SS