This Coast To Coast Stores / Canadian Industries Ltd. manufactured bright gold, black, and red, hinge topped one piece cardboard box contains 49 of the original 50 rounds of Mastercraft high velocity 22 Short ammunition with brass cases and is in very good condition with light wear / scratches. The left end displays a complete split down the front corner, a 1/2" split in the back corner hinge, and a rough split running along the inner end flap hinge and down onto the end of the box. The inner end flap is still attached to the box by a small piece of cardboard, but is very fragile. The front and back panels display the information "MASTERCRAFT / 22 SHORT - HIGH VELOCITY". The bottom of the box states "MADE IN CANADA" in the lower left corner. The brass casings display the "D-5" headstamp.

Date of Manufacture: This box was produced circa 1967 to 1976.

Note: This box is similar to the Huegel # CTC-1 S-2 variation. The difference observed is that the sides and bottom vary slightly from Huegel's examples due to this being a 22 Short box.

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