This Winchester-Western Division manufactured yellow, red, white and blue cardboard box contains 20 of the original 50 rounds of extra loud black powder 22 Short blank cartridges with brass cases and cardboard colored wadding and is in good condition with moderate wear. An old price sticker is stuck to the bottom of the box. This box displays a thumb cut on the top edge of the top of the box and the warning is printed across the bottom edge of the top of the box. The brass casings display the "H-10" headstamp and have a few spots of tarnish present.  (file photos)

Date of Manufacture: This style box was introduced in 1962 and was produced until 1971.

Note: This box is similar to the Huegel # WRA-20 S-1(a) variation. The differences observed are the printing on this box is blue instead of black and the cartridge wadding is cardboard colored. This box displays the "OLIN MATHIESON CHEMICAL CORPORATION" marked bottom.


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