This Winchester-Western Division manufactured yellow, red, white and blue cardboard box contains all 50 rounds of Super-Match Mark IV Pistol Match 40 grain 22 LR ammunition with nickel cases and is in very good condition except for some light shelf wear and black paint spattered on all sides. A 9/16" split is present on the top, back edge of the box. The information on the front panel is centered inside of the white rectangle. The bottom of the box displays the company name "WINCHESTER-WESTERN DIVISION" as well as the line "OLIN MATHIESON CHEMICAL CORPORATION" at the bottom. The tops of the end flaps are white and the warning reads "RANGE 1 MILE / BE CAREFUL". The nickel casings display the "2-1" headstamp.  (file photos)

Date of Manufacture: This style box was introduced in 1960 and was produced until 1962.

Note: This box is similar to the Huegel # WCC-51.4 LR-1(c) variation. The difference observed is that there is no black printing on this box. This box displays the "T" style bottom and the # 2 style end flap.

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