This Marlin manufactured barreled receiver is for the Glenfield model 65 "Golden 50" semi-auto rimfire rifle and is in good condition retaining most of its original blue finish with light wear and some scattered specks of rust. This receiver has the serrated lines on the scope mounting rib and has the hold open notch on the inner left side wall. The barrel lacks a dovetail notch for mounting the front sight as this takes a second variation front sight/magazine tube band which attaches using an allen hex head binding screw. The receiver is the only part on the Glenfield model 65 rifle that is tracked as a firearm therefore it will need to be transferred through a dealer. Receivers do not qualify as a C&R based on BATFE's guide lines.  (file photos)

Note: Firearms with the following years of manufacture and serial numbers have been observed with this part: 1972: 72328347

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