Here is a  nice U.S. M1 30 caliber semi-auto carbine manufactured by Quality Hardware. This carbine has "Quality H.M.C." over the serial #4774096 on the receiver, "Inland Mfg. Div. / General Motors / 12-43" marked barrel with a bright bore, two rivet handguard with "UI" stamped on the underside and high wood pistol grip walnut stock with proper wheel acceptance mark on the right side of the pistol grip and "O-RMC" stamped within a rectagular box on the left side sling cut. The walnut stock and handguard rate very good with light dings and handling marks. This carbine has the Type B safety, Type C operating slide, smooth face Type B magazine release marked "P-Q", Type A front band, Type B "Q-TX" stamped trigger housing, Type C hammer stamped "LT-Q", Type C recoil plate and a Type A non-adjustable rear sight marked "S" on the left side and "GE-Q" on the right side. The metal surfaces exhibit a mixture of thinning dull military gray finish with a grayish gun metal patina having brown rust staining spots. The breech bolt has more of a dark blue/black finish. This carbine includes a soiled cloth sling with likely a previous soldiers name marked out with black marker, oiler and a commercial manufactured 15 round metal magazine. A nice example for a Quality Hardware M1 Carbine.  {C&R}

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