Here is an extremely hard to find and in high collector condition 1943 dated Krieghoff German P.08 Luger semi-auto pistol in 9mm caliber with a 4" barrel having a bright, near excellent bore with the underside gauge of "8.84". This pistol is serial #11391 with full matching serial number on the barrel and single aluminum bottom magazine. All of the smaller parts are matching having the "91" stamped on them including the forward and rear toggle link, sideplate, locking bolt, trigger and safety bar. The bridge of the receiver is stamped "1943" and the toggle is marked with the letters "H K" separated by an anchor over "Krieghoff / Suhl". The metal surfaces retain 96% strong original blue finish with the loss due to high edge wear and located primarily at the muzzle and on the side plate. The grip screws have minor slot wear. The upper rear section of the grip frame just below the slide has the faint "thumbprint" line present due to the factory flame hardening process on this section. The locking bolt, trigger and safety catch retain about 90% of their original straw colored finish with the balance exhibiting a pleasing gun metal gray. The safety catch covers the word "Gesichert" on the frame and the extractor is stamped on the left side "Geladen". The front sight is the full blade inverted "V" variation and the rear is the "V" notch standard height variation. The late acceptance inspection mark is noticeable on many parts including but not necessarily limited to: the grip frame, slide, breech block, forward toggle, coupling link, recoil lever, safety catch, sideplate and trigger lever. The checkered black (coal derivative) bakelite grips rate near excellent with the right side panel having slightly more wear and being a smidge loose (additional clearance) which is common on this style grip. This set of grips match those on page 47 of The Kreighoff Parabellum book by Gibson. This pistol includes one original aluminum bottom magazine with matching serial number (see photos) which is a hard find and commonly altered when found (not this one). This magazine is the correct style found for this serial number range having the "122" ordnance code and the "(Eagle)/37" acceptance mark. The locking well inspector's mark is a "716". Mechanically, this pistol functions as nice as it looks. A worthy example for the advanced Luger collector.  {C&R}

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