This Western Cartridge Co. manufactured off-white, yellow, blue, and red cardboard box with the circular bullseye target contains all 50 rounds of 40 grain Smokeless 22 LR ammunition with copper cases and lubricated bullets and is in very good to near excellent condition with light shelf wear, a wrinkled corner, and some wrinkles on the right half of the box, likely due to being dropped. The top panel states "NON-CORROSIVE PRIMING" and displays two small dashes between the words "priming" and "smokeless". The product code "K1222R" is printed on the front panel. The bottom panel displays the copyright information in the upper left corner, Western printed in red ink, and patent information above the company name and address. The end flap warning reads "CAUTION! / Dangerous within / 1 Mile". The copper casings display the "2-1" headstamp and have a few specks of tarnish present. The lubrication on the bullets is turning brown with age.  (file photos)

Date of Manufacture: This style box was introduced in 1931 and was produced until 1940.

Note: This box is similar to the Huegel # WCC-4.3B LR-1(a) variation. The difference observed is that this box displays blue printing as opposed to black. This box displays the "N" bottom, #3 end flap warning, and copper casings.

Date Codes Observed on This Box: 88RC62X2, 30RD91X2

Army Lot Numbers Observed on This Box: 300, 305

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