This Eley Limited manufactured purple, yellow, blue and white cardboard box contains all 50 rounds of Sport 40 grain standard velocity 22 LR ammunition with brass cases and is in near excellent condition with light shelf wear and a split or two on the high edges. A thumb cut is present on the left end of the box. The front and back panels state "MADE IN MEXICO" and the right end flap displays a UPC code. The brass casings display an "E" headstamp.  (file photos)

Date of Manufacture: Due to the child safety warning on the bottom, this box was likely produced significantly later than 1962.

Note: This box is similar to the Huegel # IMI-13 LR-15 variation. The differences observed are that this box is cardboard, displays a thumb cut on the left end of the box, and the brass casings display an "E" headstamp that is not listed in Huegel's headstamp list.

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