This Winchester Repeating Arms Co. manufactured two piece, full top, cardboard box with green top label and golden yellow side band contains all 50 rounds of Smokeless 22 Short ammunition with copper cases and is in very good condition with light wear and dirt smudges. The sealing band running across the bottom of the box has been broken. The word "SMOKELESS" is printed in red across the top label which features the codes 15 and 10-8 on the right side. The front of the side band displays a five line guarantee that is not indented, the label codes 107 and 11-8, and the company name. The back of the side band displays the dot punched date code and four lines of product information ending with "GREASELESS BULLETS" printed in light yellow. One end of the band features the Winchester Smokeless starburst while the other end features a red W overprinted with the box contents in black and the line "Trade Mark Reg. U.S. Pat. Off." in red at the bottom. The copper casings display the "H-10" headstamp.

Date of Manufacture: This style box was introduced in circa 1905 and was produced until circa 1920.

Note: This box is similar to the Huegel # WRA-7 S-2(b) variation. The differences observed are that one end of the side band displays the Winchester Smokeless starburst and the guarantee on the front is not indented, causing the wording layout to differ slightly. This box features the label codes 15 and 10-8 printed on the right side of the top label, greaseless bullets printed on the back of the side band, the Winchester Smokeless starburst on one end, and a red W and the line "Trade Mark Reg. U.S. Pat. Off." on the other end.

This box is similar to the box cataloged in Richard Rains's book Winchester Two-Piece .22 Boxes 1873 To 1927 as WRA-58 S-24(e). The differences observed are that this box displays a golden yellow side band, the front (side 10) displays a different font and no periods for the label codes, and the patent information on the left end (end 6) is not printed in caps. This box displays sides 2 and 10 and ends 2 and 6.

Date Codes Observed on This Box: 15  10-8 (top), 107  11-8 (side band)

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